Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Panic over!

Rhodri took hubby up to Billericay to bring my car back.

AND my glasses had fallen behind my seat when Kezzy moved my handbag, so I have eyes again!
With my lunch get-together being cancelled I had planned on painting my vessel. This just didn't happen and I need to paint it in daylight, so tonight I am going to start working on the give away I need to make for the One World One Heart Give Away.


Gina said...

Pleased you are okay!

Amanda Sheridan said...

Losing your specs is horrible. I'm always misplacing mine so have bought a few cheap and cheerful, over the counter pairs of reading glasses which live at strategic spots round the house for occasional use; a pair in the kitchen (to read sell by dates so I don't poison us), a pair in my workroom, a pair in the lounge (to read CD/DVD labels), there's even a pair in the loo!