Saturday, 30 January 2010

A bit carried away

I started making this fabric cuff, way back in the summer last year, but hadn't got round to colouring it. As I had little bottles of mixed up dye from when I was doing my snow dyeing experiments, I decided that I would use them up on the cuff. I had stitched down scraps of white natural fabrics or so I thought. I had bits of white when the dye was washed out. A quick cook in the microwave with some transfer dye soon resolved the problem. It is now drying and I will be sewing beads on it at school next week. A teeny weeny problem, in my haste to see the result of the dyeing, I forgot the rubber gloves when I was rinsing out and have hands a lovely shade of blue/purple and red when I meet this friend of Al's for the first time.
Oh well! I had lots of fun:0)
I have also been colouring a small canvas background and started work on a long Textile Totem


JP said...

Im just love this

dianehobbit said...

Nice to know you have a few UFO's hidden away!