Sunday, 24 January 2010

A fishy tale.

This fish tank sits in our kitchen so that we can watch the tropical fish while we are eating our meal, very calming after a busy day. Unfortunately the angel fish has had a swim bladder problem for about a week and could not stay upright. Alan felt that he couldn't kill it, so........
Today, hubby performed surgery on it, with me as his assistant. He has super- glued a small piece of cork on a short piece of cotton thread to his top fin (you can just see it by the pump), and fingers crossed it seems to be working. The fish is now swimming upright.
I have been working on another textured totem, a bit more stitching and then to decide what colour to paint it.
It is Australia Day on Tuesday, so I have made a big batch on Anzac biscuit mixture to take to work tomorrow for my children to bake, providing they haven't all gone down with chicken pox, we had our first case of it on Friday.


Miriam Weaver said...

What a good idea, I wonder what Nemo would think!

dianehobbit said...

Well that really made me laugh! Hope Animal Rights don't read your blog though.