Saturday, 23 January 2010

It has been a very busy week at work, I have had to do extra duties due to staff absence.
Last night I was just tooooo tired to do anything creative.

But today I finished off my clock that I started on Thursday, it was going to be cream and brown, but when I started to look for a photo to go on the clock face I couldn't find a picture with the right colours in it. I ended up re-doing the embellishments to go with this photo of my daughters wedding, eleven years ago. Kezzy is the little bridesmaid in the front and look at her now.............

all grown up and off to a party tonight . We went off to Basildon yesterday after work to find the right outfit. The first time she has wanted to wear a dress since I don't know when!
I have also completed now, the two pieces I have made for One World One Heart. I only had to add the text. I had fun experimenting before deciding on which technique I was going to use. Photo's on Monday.



Both photos are really lovely Sharne, your daughter is beautiful and looks just like you!

Happy weekend
Carolyn ♥

dianehobbit said...

Wow, she will certainly turn a few heads. I think you will also find that the clothing allowance will need to be increased as once they get the bug!!!!