Wednesday, 6 January 2010

A snowy day in Ramsden

Lunch had to be cancelled due to the bad weather as no one wanted to risk driving, so Hubby will have a lot of goodies to eat, not that he will complain.
Kezzy's school closed at noon and she went round a friends house and was going to stay there until Alan got home from work and could pick her up. A change of plan meant that I had to drive into Billericay which is only a couple of miles from where we live, a 20 minute round trip by car. The road conditions there were a lot worse than in Ramsden, so much so that when I was coming down a very icy hill, the car in front was going slower and slower and my car was going faster and faster on the ice. In the end I had to drive it into the curb to avoid the car in front, where it came to rest. Kezzy and I were a bit shaken. A mother of one of Kezzy's friends saw us and her boyfriend moved the car and put it up a side road for me. So we had a long walk home! Two hours from when I set off to pick Kezzy up, I got home!

I'm a bit stuck now,as

a)- I don't have a car and Kezzy has a dentist appointment tomorrow

b) I think my glasses must be in the car OR lost in the snowy walk home.

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dianehobbit said...

Snow is lovely to look at but not very nice to drive in. Glad you, Kezzy and the car are OK. Hope you find your glasses.