Saturday, 19 December 2009

Thank you Gina!

I have had a lovely afternoon, I haven't done any stitching but lots of cooking.
I started off with my lemon and mustard seed pickle as I was completely out of it and Cheddar cheese isn't dressed without it!
Then yesterday while I was eating my lunch I saw a programme on Channel 4, someone called Kirsty and she was making things for Christmas. Well, she made Boxing Day pickle, it looked lovely so I bought all the necessary ingredients last night and as you can see from the photo it has apricots, raisins and cranberries as some of the ingredients. It does taste good as well, I shall enjoy eating it with my cold turkey.

The other week I was going to make some mince pies using Gina's recipe that she posted, but I didn't have enough ground almonds, so I made a batch of them today. 2 dozen muffin cake size (there isn't 2 dozen now though!) and a dozen small ones. They are the best mince pies I have ever made/eaten. You must try this recipe of Gina's. I have also got muffins and a ginger cake in the oven for Rhodri and Kezzy as they don't do mince pies! The local village Church is having a Carols by Candlelight tomorrow and I have been asked to make the mulled wine again.
Off to get ready for a Christmas party now!

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Gina said...

Glad the mince pies were a success. I made five dozen of them yesterday in the hope they might last over the holidays... they are disappearing rapidly!