Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Gone but never forgotten

It is eight years ago that the police knocked on my door and bought the news that every parent dreads. Ashleigh was killed in a car crash not very far from our house in the early hours of December 9th 2001, just days away from his 24th birthday. I have had some lovely texts from some of his friends that have not forgotten him and two of my friends came round, Nickie and Jennie with plants for me. Thank you!
At work today, it was Secret Santa day. Someone knows me very well, I got a Hobbycraft voucher!
Alan has been back to the hospital about his skin cancer on his head, we are now waiting for an appointment for him to see a plastic surgeon, should be in January.
I had this link sent to me today, I have had a very quick browse instead of doing my schoolwork, and shall go back and read it properly in the Christmas break.
Time to do a bit more work on my next vessel before bed.

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Gina said...

Thinking of you Sharne.