Friday, 4 December 2009

Sooo frustrated!!!!!

I had to go to Basildon Court to swear an affidavit for the on-going saga of my small claims case. It is 18 months since I started dealings with the very dodgy dealer (wish I had known at the time that he was!) Anyway, it appears the bailiff was unable to serve him the Court Order, and by mistake the letter telling me this was sent to him in October. Three quarters of an hour later, I left the Court Office, no further forward but now I have an appointment with a solicitor in January to see if he can help sort out the mess.

Tomorrow night, I have another Christmas get-together and I said I will take a sweet, so I might try the recipe on Gina's blog for her frangipane mince pies if I have all the ingredients in the cupboard.

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Gina said...

Hope the mince pies prove less frustrating than your court case! Enjoy your Christmas get together Sharne.