Monday, 14 December 2009

Sara Impey-quilter

You know Christmas is just around the corner when Santa's sleigh comes down your road with his helpers collecting money for local charities. Sara Impey bought her quilts that she has made over the last couple of years. What a prolific lady, and such dense stitching on the quilts as well!
I have met Sara twice before when she came to speak and teach a workshop at Springfield Quilters, unfortunately this group has now closed down. Nickie and I have also seen her work at the NEC Festival of Quilts.
The quilt below is a whole cloth quilt

And this quilt has been hanging in the Warner museum at Braintree
Made from furnishing silk, curved pieced patchwork with lines of satin stitch.

After her talk we were allowed to go up to examine closely and handle her quilts- what a lovely lady!

I was lucky enough to get on the Jacky Russell workshop-yippee!!!!!!!


Miriam Weaver said...

It was a good meeting last night,I'm looking forward to the Jacky Russell workshop too!!!!!
I love the snow effect on your blog so much I've had to change all the colours on my blog so I could have it too!
Have a wonderful Christmas see you in the new year. Miriam x


You do seem to get some interesting speaker and workshops at your Guild Sharne