Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Back to rainy Essex

I hope that you have all had a wonderful Christmas. I have had a lovely relaxing time at my Mother's, I even managed a bit of stitching. My son really spoilt me and bought me a lap top:0), just what I needed, as the one I had borrowed from my brother had to be returned him, as his Apple Mac has gone wrong AGAIN!!!
Before Christmas, I mentioned I had been making a small gift for someone.Here are the photo's of the gifts I made for Carolyn as as 'Thank you' for my prize I won in her Give-away. I can now post photo's as she has let me know that my package had arrived.

A sparkly ornament for her tree, as I know how much she loves Christmas and
a bracelet, which of course has to have some red in it!


Gina said...

The bracelet is lovely... so is the decoration but I especially like the bracelet! I bet Carolyn was delighted.

JP said...

I love the bracelet and i bet Carolyn did too - lucky you and Carolyn - rest and relax before you go back to school!!!


Sharne, I do love absolutely everything in my package. It was a wonderful surprise! Thank you!

I posted your precious birdie ornament, card and snowflakes on my textie blog. The beautiful red bracelet will be on my RED blog (very soon I hope, but running late with posting!)

It was so very thoughtful of you!

Love and blessings for 2010
Carolyn xx

ps. I owe you an email ... running late with that too, but will catch up soon ... xx


ps. Did I tell you how much I LOVE MY PRESENTS? WONDERFUL! THANK YOU xx