Tuesday, 8 December 2009

17 sleeps.

School life has been frantic the last two days. Yesterday it was dress rehearsals, and today the children had to the Christmas production twice. It seemed that all we have done is dress and undress my little ones(they are only 3 years old). They were all dressed as animals in the Nativity play and coped very well. I was very proud of them.
Lunch and tea breaks have been a rushed affair so I haven't done any stitching, though I have made another button bracelet, could be for my Mother as she wears these colours a lot.
I have now almost finished writing my Christmas cards, just need to finished the shopping, though it wont be this weekend. On Friday night I have got to take Kezzy to Cambridge for another drama course, Saturday it is Y.E.G. and then Sunday it is back to Cambridge to pick Kezzy up!


JP said...

the bracelet is lovely - how have you strung it - try to relax a bit before you explode - being retired is fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sharne's Bit 'n' Bobs said...

Hi JP, Sorry, I was unable to find your blog to leave my answer on. The bracelet is made with two cords going through the buttons and then knotted in between. I could try and do some instructions for you if you want. I know that I will have plenty to occupy myself when I retire-eyes permitting!