Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Thanks Mum

Late home from work tonight as it was parents evening. Mum sent me home on Sunday with, a steak and kidney pie, carrot cake and raspberry charlotte ( all home made). Alan had the potatoes peeled and chopped and a cup of tea waiting for me when I eventually got home. So luckily, not much cooking involved. Too tired to do very much and too late to start experimenting. I think I will just unwind with a cup of hot chocolate and stitch a few beads on my vessel. Hopefully my batteries will be fully charged tomorrow night!



No wonder your batteries need re-charging, you are always on the go Sharne, I just don't know how you do it! Looking forward to seeing your beaded vessels when finished

Thanks for all emails and for the scan of my stuffie and the link to mother earth

Carolyn ♥

dianehobbit said...

Lucky you! I got home at 9pm last night to 'what's for dinner?'