Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Smoke without fire

The reports are going well, and I hope they will be finished soon.
We had a bit of drama today at work, when smoke was spotted in our old gym. 999 was called and the firemen arrived (they looked nothing like the ones you see on the calendars). Luckily no damage done and school soon returned back to normal.
Tomorrow night I am making gallons( well quite a lot) of mulled wine for my daughters fund raising night- a shopping night with some hand crafted items. It is held in the local Church Hall and is a lovely start to the Christmas season.


Jackie said...

Oh Yes. Thats what its all about...mulled wine..
Its good to get all the sewing out of the way earlier this year.
Thanks for your comment. I have gained strength from adversity definitely.

Miriam Weaver said...

Hope the event goes well, and you make lots of money and have lots of fun!!!!!!