Sunday, 1 November 2009

Oh lucky me!

Had a lovely time in Buckingham at my Mothers. Lots of eating and talking. I also attacked one of the many, of her outside walls with Snowcem paint yesterday afternoon.
Also I have:-

hand stitched a few more samples for my next vessel.

Almost constructed vessel three

Made a button bracelet to match one of my shrugs.
Read my CPS and saw Carolyn's beautiful Stitched Stuffie, lovely stitched acanthus seed heads embroidered on it.
Over the last couple of weeks I have been talking to my brother about cars. He bought himself a jeep early in September. Now wanting a smaller car for running about London, he offered me his Mazda MX5, a little red thing, in exchange for some cash and my Smart car.( I had bought the Smart car off him a few years ago) I had no because I didn't want to take out a loan, the insurance and car tax is higher. BUT, when I took it for a little drive on Friday, all sensible thoughts went out of the window and I said YES!!!!! I have driven it back to Essex and it drove like a dream. My only problem now, is how do I get 2 sewing machines in the boot when Nickie and I go on our textile courses?
When I checked my blog tonight, it was to find out that I had won a prize on Carolyn's blog giveaway. The first blog giveaway that I have ever won. What a lovely day!:-)
Back to school tomorrow:-( I have made the play dough and packed my bags ready for the off!

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