Saturday, 7 November 2009

Hurdle number 2

Well I did it! I got two sewing machines in my car, Nickie, bags of fabric and party food for our day at Cottenham. We had to have our Christmas party today as it is the last meeting this side of Christmas- a frightening thought. We played our usual silly party game and I won some threads, a note book and some mice flakes- (I have never used mica flakes before).
When I got home I had a HUGE pile of ironing to do, it has mounted up a bit and I couldn't put it off any longer. Rhodri is away early on Monday (I have to take him to the station for 5.50am) for the week, somewhere near Blackpool for work. So I had to iron his shirts. We have a deal, I iron his shirts, he keeps my computer working and keeps an eye on what Kezzy is up to on Facebook.
Tomorrow another fairly early start as I am taking Kezzy to Church parade in Hutton. The Air Cadets are having their Remembrance Day service. Alan normally does all the running around for Air Cadets, but this weekend he is repairing my Smart car from when someone hit it in Asda. My brother would like to collect it before he goes to South Africa in a couple of weeks- no pressure!
Time now to stitch a few beads on my vessel before bed.

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