Saturday, 14 November 2009

Beatles to Bowie and more.

I have been a bit busy since I last blogged.
On Thursday, my brother came to collect my Smart car, it was sad to see it go, as I have had lots of fun driving it.
I was told to hang fire on my reports by one person at school and told to get them done asap by another. Too many chiefs I think!
It was school speech night yesterday, Diversity were hoping to come to officially open our new sports hall, but work commitments meant they couldn't make it.
Yesterday when I got home from school, this..... was waiting for me. My prize from Carolyn's blog give away. Soooooo generous, I couldn't believe my eyes. Three packages were inside the postbag which contained..........
This beautiful card AND

this lovely textured heart AND

a brooch to wear at work AND

papers, fabric, threads, stamps, shells, beads (some made by Carolyn as well) AND

some more AND

some more, this package also contained some decorated labels.
Thank you so much Carolyn, a truly wonderful package. The photo's do not do it justice.
Today I went up to London with Di to the National Portrait Gallery to see the exhibition 'Beatles to Bowie'. Lots of photo's that bought back many memories of my childhood and made me feel quite old. We also went to see the Twiggy exhibition celebrating her 60th birthday-she wears very well! A quick cup of coffee and the onto the V&A to see the 'Maharaja: The Splendour of India's Royal Courts' Lots of paintings and jewellery, not many textiles, but a great insight to the life of the Maharaja's. I am so glad that we went to see it.

Tonight I have finished constructing my 'Textured Totem' inspired by the work Roy Ray. It has had one coat of paint so far, more to follow to get a depth of colour. More photo's when complete.


Carolyn said...
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Sorry about last comment, it was me!
Just saying I'm so glad you liked your parcel Sharne. The exhibition Beatles to Bowie and Twiggy sound great, I think I would enjoy that too! Your totem piece is looking fab. Thank you for showing us :o)