Sunday, 8 November 2009

I just blinked my eyes...........

And Sunday is nearly over, or so it seems.
The Church Parade was in a very old church in Hutton, down a little country lane, which is single file in places. Wonderful stained glass windows and tiles. I started to take photo's of the tiles and then my batteries died. I couldn't find my spare ones which are normally in my camera case, so I will have to go to the next church parade with fully charged batteries!

As my daughter is in Germany for the weekend. son in law bought the two boys round for the afternoon. A quick inspection by them all of my new toy, before going to check out the rabbit and the koi.

I've cooked a roast dinner, made a stew ready for Tuesday as I have blood donors and I will be in later than usual from work, sorted out my paperwork for EG committee meeting tomorrow night and had a wee bit of time to play. I am working out my workshop for Textiles in Focus. it is not until February, but I want to have it planned sooner rather than later.

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