Tuesday, 3 November 2009


I searched my usual on line bead shops last night for the right beads, and just couldn't see what I needed. So, after some more thoughts, I am now using the original rust beads but sitting them on a slate blue/grey bead base row. I will post pics when I have something worth showing.

Not done any stitching tonight. Nickie and I have been asked to teach again at Textiles in Focus, at Cottenham, in February. I have been trying to think about what I can teach in a two hour workshop that does not involve a sewing machine, or too much paint. Off to do more cogitating .

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Hi Sharne, thanks so much for all your messages and comments. Can you let me have your address so I can post off your goodies. Do you still have my email address?

I've been away the last few days visiting my mum & dad so I've just got back and catching up again

What is the Mother Earth challenge? Can you let me know. If it's in CPS I haven't even got a copy yet! I'm still to see the stuffie in print

Bye for now, I look forward to getting your email

Carolyn ♥