Friday, 24 July 2009

Yet another busy day in the Gregory household.

My daughter who normally avoids shopping like the plague, came to Basildon with me as she had some birthday vouchers burning a hole in her pocket. For someone who hates shopping we spent an awfully long time going from shop to shop. My priority today was to sort out her food for her expedition tomorrow. We were recommended to get dehydrated food as it lighter for her to carry, the problem being that very few of these products are for vegetarians or they have pasta in, which she hates. I have ended up making a quorn casserole with vegetables in, I hope that it will not be to heavy as she has a very long kit list to take.
I have also made a lasagna to take to my mothers on Sunday and as I am typing this my lemon and mustard seed pickle is bubbling away on the gas. Cream crackers and cheese just isn't the same without this pickle.
This evening has been spent getting all of Kezzy's kit named and packed and I have packed my bags as I am on the Myfanwy Harts rust dyeing workshop tomorrow.


chillsider said...

Looking forward to hearing what you learned at the rust dyeing

Myfanwy said...

Are you still exhausted? Another busy day today!!