Friday, 3 July 2009

A verrrry busy Friday

Our school routine was disrupted today as we had a 'Time Capsule' ceremony to attend. The new school build (phase 1) is nearly completed. The children have enjoyed watching the cranes and diggers and seeing the building grow.
After work I went to the 'Octopus' exhibition, I wasn't sure that I was going to get there in time but I did. It was being held in the church in the middle of Billericay High Street. The theme was through the garden gate, and this is the first piece that you see as you walk in.
Each textile artist made two pieces, each representing a month.

I especially loved this one, and wanted to buy it, but someone beat me to it. I just love decaying seed heads.

Here are a few of the pieces that caught my eye, sorry I cant remember who made what.

I keep trying to grow Himalayan poppies without success, these were stitched on a beautifully dyed fabric.

I loved all the work on the easels, a lovely way to display the work. I would liked to have spent longer looking at all the work and taking photos but I ran out of time. I bought this book to give to my friend for a present and ordered Kezzy a butterfly. The exhibition finishes tomorrow and I cant go back because........................................

Tomorrow Nickie and I are off to Cottenham for F.E.T. We are all taking an item of food, so I have made Coronation chicken this evening. Mini workshops are being given by some of the members, Nickie is making her 'Anglo -Saxon coins'. Christine is going to do bead weaving,( I have had a bead loom for years and NEVER used it, I might find out what to do with it now! ) I am doing 'shaggy flowers' so I need to finish getting all my bits together.

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