Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Here, there and everywhere.

My morning started off with a trip to St. John's hospital, as my daughter needs to have some major orthodontic work, after a quick look at her mouth we were told to come back in October, when we will be told what is going to be done to her.
Dropped her off at school and then up to the local nursery where I get all my plants to get some fresh flowers for my sons headstone. The church is on the top of a hill and flowers and plants never seem to last very long, today I bought a lovely potted Sunflower.
Then off to Wickford, for a get together with a colleague from work who is on maternity leave before going on to Old Leigh. This is one of the few places round here, that has a fabric shop, not that they had what I wanted!
Then on to Southend library. This library is wonderful, I could spend hours here, rows upon rows of art books, but I wanted books on the 60's and 70's and Eureka!, came home with 5.
As you can see my bag is coming along slowly, mainly because it is something that I onlypick up and put down when I have a moment to stitch.
BUT, I have started stitching this image- I found it last week, so tonight I am machining the image, I also want to try making a stencil another day, so that I can print it, a la Warhol.(all those ends to sew in!!!)

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