Wednesday, 22 July 2009

The 60's revisited.

Way back in the Easter holidays, I had to take Kezzy to our doctor to see about her getting bereavement counselling, and our appointment, when it came through, was for today, in Ingatestone. Alan had to take the day off as we were asked if both parents could attend. Anyway, it has been agreed that she can have the counselling, so just got to wait for an appointment to come through.
In Ingatestone there is a little nursery that as well as selling lovely plants has a good restaurant, so coffee and scones here, before going to Colchester .
We went to the 60's exhibition at Colchester Castle, a trip down memory lane for Alan and I.
I used to love my false eyelashes and Biba make-up, I thought I was the bees knees!

After a fish and chip lunch, I found Franklins. Though we have a branch of this shop in Chelmsford it is only a small shop. It was my lucky day as they had a sale on.
The fancy wools were 50p each, the linen thread was half price, Maderia silk was 4 for a £1 and the Robinson Anton threads £2.50 a reel. I cant resist a bargain!

Then a quick dash in to Basildon to get the final bits for Kezzy's A.T.C expedition on Saturday.
Last night I started machine stitching the other side of my bag. I am going to my Mother's on Sunday for a week and I will need lots of hand stitching to do while I am there.

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