Friday, 17 July 2009

Happy Friday everyone!

It was our monthly scrapbooking get-together last night and the topic was Summer. I am making my scrapbook for Kezzy's 18th birthday, so I have plenty of time yet to complete it. The photos were taken on a holiday to Cornwall in 2002, and she had a great time building 'Stone Henge'!
I finished stitching Twiggy yesterday. I have washed it to dissolve the water soluble fabric and
am in the process of sewing in all those ends. I hope to start making a stencil of the image tonight, just enjoying playing!
When I was in Basildon today doing the weekly food shop (I do wish the family would stop eating!) I had to put my recently learnt First Aid skills into practice. A little girl of nearly three, caught her fingers in the lift door and lost a large chunk of skin and a lot of blood. After being seen by a 1st Responder she went off to hospital to have them checked over. She was very lucky because they didn't seem to be broken or crushed.
Have a good Friday night stitching!

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Twiggy is gorgeous!

I feel for the little girl. At the vey same age, I broke two finges in a train door. It was 1965 and the age when porters used to go along the platform slamming the doors before the train left ... very painful. We didn't have a car in those days and we went to the seaside by train

Look forward to seeing your next Twiggy instalment

Have a great weekend