Sunday, 12 July 2009


A lovely day at Snape Maltings with the 'girls' from F.E.T. The day started off with coffee and a chat. It was then off to view the exhibition by T.A.G.S. I had intended to post more photos of their work, but blogger has been playing up and I have been trying for 40 minutes to upload photos, so only put up my favourites.
I loved the rust vessels by Glen Gerrard, this is one of three that she had made. (I am on Myfanwy Hart's rust dyeing workshop next week.)

This piece of shibori was by Anne-Marie Stewart.

There were other pieces that I liked, if I can, I will try and upload some tomorrow.

It was then a long leisurely lunch, a bit of retail therapy and then home.
Hubby and Kezzy were out at an airshow at Duxford, and Rhodri was out too, so I had the house to myself, a very rare occurrence so I indulged myself with a cup of coffee and took my stitching down the garden !

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chillsider said...

glad you likes my rusty pots......TAGS had a fairly quiet day, so a bit worried whether we will make our fortune this year.