Wednesday, 1 July 2009

At our Sutton Hoo exhibition, Kezzy fell in love with these fairy shoes, they are larger than the ones that are normally stitched, approx 7 inches in length. Anyway, Alan being a soft touch where Kezzy is concerned, bought them for her, and they arrived yesterday
Springfield Quilters held their final meeting here, at Graham on the Green, Writtle. Opposite this lovely pond.Very pretty and tasty starter, a wonderful main course, followed chocolate brownie with chocolate ice cream-delish!!!!!!!!There was a live band playing which made conversation quite hard, but we managed to have a good natter and caught up on all the latest news.A big thank you to Delia and Diane, for starting the club, without them I would not be where I am now, textile wise.
A photo of my bag as promised, still taking Sutton Hoo as my inspiration. The pan scourer represents the armour, and again Celtic spirals. This is the week when I should have got some stitching done at school, though what with being out on a first aid course yesterday, and a 2nd pre-inspection visit today, tracking down my reports that had gone missing, between the office and my pigeon hole, its not happening. Then when I got home from work, guess what was on my doorstep.......

my books that I ordered, how's that for service? I have enjoyed looking through them both while sitting out in the garden watching the sun setting. Wonderful photos of inspiring work and lovely clear text in both books. Congratulations Maggie, Lynda and Carol well worth waiting for. I can't wait to read them properly and experiment.

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Carol said...

Hope you enjoy the books Sharne :)