Tuesday, 26 May 2009


The weather was so good that straight after a breakfast we all went for a stroll round my mother's garden. It is a couple of acres and when she bought it, it was just a bare field. Now, it has a small wooded area, a 'Monet' style pond and trees for Kezzy to climb. I took lots of photos of flowers and trees for an inspirational source at a later date.

After lunch it was up to Northampton to meet up my 'step' children to sprinkle Malc's ashes in Salcey Forest. There is a wonderful spiders web on a tree stump there and this is where we put Malc to rest. I hope now that Kezzy gets closure.

When we got home to Mum's we watched Britain's Got Talent, as two of the members of Diversity I have known since they were three years old, having been through KG1 at my school where I work. They are through to the final, so I have got my fingers crossed for them.

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