Saturday, 30 May 2009

A giraffe in the garden.

The roads were empty for my drive to Cambridge today, the sun was shining and I had the sun-roof down-BLISS!!!!!
Every time I drive up to Cottenham, I am intrigued by these works of art that are in a garden that I drive past. So, today as I was early, I stopped to have a look. They are amazing. There is an invitation to take photo's and children are allowed to sit on them .

I love the giraffe!

Sutton Hoo was in the local newspaper last week, celebrating 70 years since its discovery. Today was spent sorting out the final details for the exhibition.It is interesting to see all the work that has been done by the group using Sutton Hoo as the inspirational source. All so varied. Nickie and I are stewarding next Sunday, so we shall be able to have a really good look at all the work.

Everyone had to take an item of food for lunch, so I made a fresh fruit brulee. We had a wonderful feast! I will need to do a lot of gardening tomorrow to burn off those extra calories.

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