Friday, 29 May 2009

The dodgy dealer saga continues.

I had to go back to Basildon Courts again today to swear an affidavit, the problem was that I thought I just had to read a few words over the Bible. NO SUCH LUCK!!! Another form to fill in!!!!! So after a quick dash round the supermarket, threw everything in the fridge, cupboard and freezer when I got home, filled in the dreaded forms and back to Basildon to do the Oath. I now have to wait until the end of June to find out what will happen next. It is now 1 year since he (read, Dodgy Dealer) took the granite worktops and money. The wheels of justice grind very slowly and he is ignoring all the legal correspondence!
I have also been out finding vinyl flooring covering for hubby who wants some for his new shed. He was quoted £180, 'No way! Not for a grotty shed!' I said. So I had to find a better deal. Mission accomplished and he will be going out tomorrow to buy it.
I have packed and labelled up my work ready to go to Cottenham tomorrow. Nickie can't make it, so I shall be taking her work for her. It will be very cosy in my Smart car with all the boxes.
My son, Rhodri has been working on my postcards and business cards. The business cards are printed and cut up but the postcards won't be finished in time to take tomorrow, but he has made a smashing job of them so far. As I am stewarding next Sunday I will take them up then. This time next week the exhibition will have been hung!

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Gina said...

I'm hoping I'll get up to see the exhibition at some point. Hope it all goes well.