Monday, 4 May 2009

A busy May Day weekend.

On Saturday my friend was 60 and her husband arranged for them to renew their wedding vows as a surprise present for her. Friends and family gathered at my local Church for a lovely service. While waiting for her to arrive I couldn't resist taking a photo of this stained glass window as the sun was shining through it. It was then off to the local pub for a lovely meal and a chance to catch up with my friends.

Yesterday it was off to Norwich to see my Great Aunts. Aunty Julia is still quite poorly, heavily sedated to ease the pain. She is in a nice home and it didn't smell and the nursing staff seemed very caring. Aunty Doris(she the younger (101) blind aunty) is coping well, though lonely. I hope to get up there again soon. I was tired (more emotionally I think than physical) after the four hour plus journey that I was unable to sew very many beads on my wall hanging, before my bed was calling me.

This morning Nickie and I went to New Hall School. They were having an Open Day and it gave us a chance to look around it with a view to using it for our Embroiderer's Guild Area Day in 2011. The school was on the Time Team program on Easter Monday, as, at one time King Henry VIII had built a palace here for, they believe Princess Mary. ( Palace of Beaulieu) These are some of the remains of the Palace that they unearthed.

What a wonderful sundial on the school!

On the way back I stopped off at a boot sale. I hadn't been there very long when it clouded over very quickly and started to spit . All the stall holders started to pack away their goods but I did manage to find this ecru necklace with lots of beads for my wall hanging.

When I got home I tackled the mountain of ironing before allowing myself any 'me' time. I was going to have tassels on my machine wrapped cords on my map, but they were too fussy. Instead I mad some Tyvek beads, wrapped with wire and with the same beads that are on the edging. After zapping, while still warm and malleable I squashed them to make them plumper.

I am now going to put the finishing touches to my map(fingers crossed) as it would be nice to have a piece of work that is completely finished!

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