Thursday, 28 May 2009

My mother is creative with flowers, so after a mammoth flower buying trip, she was left in my kitchen to make three floral tributes for my Great Aunt.

My brother wanted bright, so we got orange flowers for him.

I love pink with acid green.

Mum chose pink, Aunties favourite colour.
They survived the journey to Norwich well, and though it was a sad occasion, I found some relatives that I didn't know existed! All the old family photo's were got out as one new member of the family is trying to work out the family tree.
I am very worried about my surviving Great Aunt and I shall be going to stay with her in the Summer holidays for a few days.
It was then a three hour drive, cross country to take Mum home, before another two hours back to Essex. Very numb nether regions when we got home late last night.

I have spent this morning looking after my Grandson Josh while his little brother went swimming. I made some very bright green play dough for him. I have got everything ready for going back to work on Monday, and now I am going to start sorting out my bits for Cottenham on Saturday. I still haven't got my postcards sorted yet!!!! It is our last F.E.T. meeting before our exhibition at Sutton Hoo.
No stitching tonight as I am meeting up with friends for a Scrapbook night.


debsmuddle said...

The flowers looked beautiful.Glad it all went OK

Julie said...

Beautiful flowers Sharne. I'm glad it went off as well as these things can. You must have been wxhausted after so much driving.