Monday, 18 May 2009

Kim Thittichai

I tried to post last night but my computer wouldn't play ball. It was a great night, Kim was very entertaining and informative.She was also very generous to our Branch. A picture of Kim with Nickie our Chairman.
Below are some picture of her work.

If you are in Brighton this week and want to see more of her work, she has got an open house with 13 other artists with work to view or buy. For info:-
I shan't be able to go as I am off to Buckingham for the holiday weekend.
On Saturday, our branch held a workshop with Janet Bolton. Below is the work that Deb stitched, isn't it lovely?

Off to Springfield Quilters tonight, this is the group that started me off on my textile journey.



Hi Sharne, I love Kim's work too. I have her book and I met her at the Stitches Show at Exeter a couple of year's ago. She was so helpful and informative to me personally, I find her very inspiring!

sea-blue-sky & abstracts said...

Clicked to see the bigger picture and yes, it's lovely - snowdrops are beautiful flowers too. BFN.