Tuesday, 26 May 2009


I gave Mum a helping hand deadheading part of her front garden yesterday morning, this is only part of the frontage. I find it a very relaxing job. while I was doing this Alan was cutting the lawns with help from Kezzy. This is one job that gets her out of bed as she likes to drive the sit-upon mower. She has now decided she wants to drive tractors for a living!!!!
After lunch we packed up and headed home to a wet Essex bringing my Mother with us.

I manged to mount and frame my wall hanging, I got my staple gun at Homebase in the end. I hope that Pauline will be happy with it when I take it up to Cambridge on Saturday. The photo is not very good, I will have to talk to my dear son to see if he can take a picture with his Super Duper camera for me to post.

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It's lovely work Sharne but it would be nice to see a bigger picture of it so that we can appreciate all the work and love you have put into it!


ps. having a giveaway over on my blog if you are interested ...