Friday, 3 April 2009

This is how the dolls house arrived at my house on Tuesday night, sooo many bits!
And here it after another session on Wednesday evening, ready for painting. I shall have another evening helping Leslie put on all the fancy bits to the facade of the house.I made a cake tin full of rock cakes yesterday morning for our scrap booking get together, they went down very well, Hubby didn't get much of a look in so I have been asked to make some more.This is like the page we made last night, based on a family tree, this one isn't mine, I have to sort out my photo's before I can construct my page.Th reason for not getting my photo's ready was 'THE MAP'. All the names have now been stitched in, some several times to get them right. All the ends have been sewn in, there was forty four little islands, just think of all those ends!!!!! The water soluble fabric has now been washed out of the Evalon, it's been dried, ironed, sprayed with walnut ink and bonded to the front cover. Tomorrow I shall start beading the top and bottom edges.
It was back to Basildon Court this morning to put in the next court form for the on going saga with 'Granite Man', I will now have to wait until some time in June when it goes to Court to find out when I am going to get my money(fingers crossed). I popped into Craft Arena on the way back from Basildon to get some more Evalon, and found some cotton poplin which I need for the Ruth Issett workshop I am doing in a couple of weeks time. Denise was busy setting up a Textile Art exhibition by Impetus, so I was able to have a little peek at some of the work. I shall look properly next time I am back at the shop. I recognised some of the names as they are members of our Guild. The exhibition opens tomorrow. Tomorrow is also the ERTF meeting. I am unable to go as Chelmsford Embroiderer's Guild are back at the library hosting another 'stitch a square' morning.

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Hi Sharne

You've been so busy while I've been away!! There is so much to catch up with. I have enjoyed following your map project and will pop back again soon to see how it's going

Have a very happy weekend