Sunday, 5 April 2009


I have managed to track down the beads I need for my sea scroll from a company called The Bead Trail. As they are open seven days a week and I had a problem with my debit card not working last night, they rang me this morning , took my card details, and they will be in the post tomorrow. How's that for service.
So, as I couldn't do the bead edging, the sun was shining, I have spent a lot of today working in the garden. I also popped to Craft Arena AGAIN! I need to start my wall hanging a.s.a.p. As I am waiting for beads and will be without the car from tomorrow afternoon for a couple of days (it's going for a face lift), I needed to get some bits for the wall hanging. I have taken my inspiration from a motif on the Sutton Hoo helmet, I will post photo's when/if I have something worthwhile to show.
To keep Hubby happy as the rock cakes had disappeared so quickly, I have also had a baking session, I made a banana loaf and a bread pudding for him.

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