Saturday, 25 April 2009

Ploughed field workshop

Nickie and I spent today at this quaint village hall in Hutton with a group of very friendly ladies.

I had to take this pictures of the trees before I even went in the hall, it was just so beautiful! The ladies all worked very hard as you can see by the slide show and are well on the way to a finished piece of textile art with a little bit more time.
This evening I have finished quilting my Sutton Hoo wall hanging and it is now soaking to dissolve the romeo fabric. A 'slight' problem- not all the pattern lines are dissolving, do I dare bleach it or go straight into dyeing it? I think I shall sleep on it before doing anything drastic.

I might have to go to Norwich tomorrow, my Aunt who is 105 in June, had had a nasty fall yesterday and is now in a respite home to recover, leaving at home her young blind sister of nearly 102 (in September) They have never been apart! My Aunts were in the Telegraph when the younger sister was 100 as they are the first family to have recieved 3 telgrams from the queen for celebrating their 100th birthday. Their older sister lived to 106!


CAROLYN said...

I do hope your Aunt will be ok, a worrying time for your family
Carolyn :o)

Julie said...

Wow! These are formidable ladies! I too hope your aunt will be ok. She must have had a nasty shock and it will be so difficult for her sister to be on her own. I have a friend who will be 98 in June so she is a spring chicken by comparison!