Friday, 17 April 2009

I have shopped 'till I dropped.

Not much stitching done so far today, just an hour on the machine before starting my marathon shopping expedition,I have posted the latest stage of my work. Yet MORE french knots tonight!!!!!

The coloured lines will, I hope, disappear when the romeo is dissolved.

A very good friend of mine is sixty soon and I am helping to organise her present from some of her friends, so a quick???? visit to her hubby while she was at work to collect photos to have made into canvas's at Barleylands. While there, I went to Craft Arena to get the felting needles that are needed for one of our Schoolhouse Arts workshops in June. While there I bought a pack of the Jet FX paper to play with, I love to use text in my work, just got to learn where the button to mirror image is, on my computer.
It was then on to Basildon, looking for more birthday pressies as Kezzy has two parties next week, school shoes, and cotton voile and or organdy and of course, food. (My fridge is always empty by Thursday, wish my family wouldn't eat so much) I couldn't find cotton voile or organdy in the shops, but tomorrow, Nickie and I are going to Sheffield University for the Embroiderer's Guild A.G.M., 'Melody of Stitch'. We are leaving at 6.30a.m. ,( it's a three and a half hour journey) so I think I will be having an earlyish night! The good news is, that there are traders there, so I might get my fabric there!

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You just can't beat a bit of retail therapy can you Sharne. I've been doing a bit myself this week!

Happy weekend,Carolyn