Saturday, 18 April 2009

A big mistake!.

I was up at 5.30 this morning to be ready for the off at 6.30. Nickie was driving and I had borrowed Hubby's Sat. Nav. to get us there. A very good journey there, in the three and a half hours that was estimated.
A quick cup of coffee after signing in then off to spend our money that was burning a hole in our pockets. Shock and horror!, only a couple of stalls there and the E.G. bookstall was nearly empty too. This does mean, however, that I shall have money to spend now at Art Van Go, who are coming to our Guild on Monday!
A.G.M. then buffet lunch. We then had a lecture from David Littler. His talk was about the connections between samplers found in the V.&A. and music sampling( he was a DJ at one time). He talked about the language used in both fields that are the same and how pattern could be converted to sound. A very lovely lady (sorry I cant remember her name) then put words to the music that was created this way using the words from a sampler by Elizabeth Parker in 1830 that is in the V.& A. Some of the audience , Nickie included, were then going to his workshop after tea break to produce their own pattern and sound.
I went to an audience with Diane Bates, who was 63 today. A very funny and entertaining lady, talking about her work and inspiration with slides.
This is the view from the 10th floor where Diane gave her talk. Unfortunately Nickie and I had to leave before the end as our parking meter time was up and they both went over their scheduled finishing time.
Which is just as well we did. We were told to 'ignore the Sat. Nav. and go home via the A1. A shorter journey', we were told!!!!!!!!
It took us nearly FIVE HOURS to get home!
I would be well on the way to Cornwall in this time!
There was a detour on the A414 (road closed for roadworks), that took us round all of Epping Forrest, Epping and I am not sure where else as we thought we were lost and as Nickie's lighter wasn't working the Sat. Nav. ran out of power! We weren't lost, it was just a very long detour(nearly an extra 30 min.s of driving) with very few signs showing us we were going the right way!
Was I glad to get home to a cup of tea!
Moral of this story- follow the Sat. Nav., ignore the advice of well meaning drivers and use a car with a lighter that works!



A little further and you could have had a cuppa with me, lol :o)

Julie said...

You passed my front door (well, within half a mile) and could have broken the journey with a cuppa but that wouldn't have helped with the A414. Sounds horrendous! I sympathise, I hate the journey down to Essex from Lincolnshire.