Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Beads and tassels.

I was very late starting my stitching tonight as, I had to take my daughter to the doctors and then her tutor came to giver her, her a maths lesson and then of course making an evening meal. In spite of this I have now completed the beaded edges on my scroll. Next it will be the tassells to make.

The beads I ordered the other night arrived today, one pack is going to be o.k., but the other is just too yellow. You can see the results of my bead dyeing that I did last night. The beads coloured in transfer dye worked very well but is far too dark, I will try and get some more of the frosted white beads and have another go to see if I can get a lighter shade. If not, the frosted beads coloured with alcohol have turned out the right sort of colour. I shall start beading the wall hanging in my lunch half hour tomorrow. No stitching tomorrow night as I have an Embroiderer's Guild Committee meeting.


Gina said...

The beaded edges look lovely.


I am really looking forward to seeing your piece finished. There is so much detail in it and I agree the beaded edging looks great!!