Wednesday, 8 April 2009

An early Happy Easter everybody.

After three years at Secondary School, my daughter had her first textile lesson on Thursday. They are going to make a bag and we have to drink thirty cartons of Capri Sun drink to make it. For my wall hanging, I collected together all my threads, hand and machine in white.
I have taken a photo of the work so far from the back, a long way to go still! The different textures and threads should create interest to the pattern.

I shall be taking this piece of work away with me when I go to my mothers tomorrow for the Easter break, and do some of the hand stitching on it. I shall be home on Tuesday, going via Rainbow Silks.
My beads have arrived today, so I shall take my sea scroll as well in case I get time to do the picot edge, LOL!!!!!



Hope you have a very happy Easter break with your family Sharne, see you when you get back Carolyn

Julie said...

Enjoy your Easter break with your Mum and enjoy Rainbow Silks.