Tuesday, 21 April 2009


What a wonderful two day workshop Nickie and I had at Briantree for a workshop with
Ruth Issett and the group E.A.S.T. Nickie and I had been lucky enough to be invited to join the group for the two day workshop as they had a few spare places. Yesterday started off with Ruth talking about the fabrics she uses and demonstrating how different fabrics absorb dye. It was then our turn to play using the dyes on different fabrics to see how they work. I have always dyed my fabrics in buckets or bags, never by painting. I shall be getting rid of all those buckets now!
Both days we were able to have our lunch outside and catch a few rays.

After lunch more painting on fabric and then mono printing and using a roller for printing with on paper. These all add layers of colour to a painted background. I have done a bit of mono printing before, but not in the way Ruth showed us.

Last night Art Van Go came to our Embroiderers Guild. Viv demonstrated different methods for transferring images to fabric.

Carol our treasurer 'helped' with one of the demo's by ironing for Viv, something went wrong and Carol wont be asked to iron again! By the time Nickie and I had helped Viv to pack up the van, it was nearly eleven o'clock by the time we got home.

This morning, it was down to printing on our painted fabric. Nerve racking! Ruth has given me permission to post some pictures of her wonderful work, I have a long way to go to achieve anything as vibrant as hers!

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