Sunday, 2 November 2008

On Friday my daughter number 2 got her costume ready for Halloween, we bought a cheap pair of wings that she painted black, we found some spooky tights in the factory shop, and a cheap dress from Primark that to distress with my soldering iron. She wouldn't wear a coat to go Trick or Treating as it would have spoilt her outfit. Why don't the youngsters feel the cold?

Grandson number 1 came T and T to our house, so I had to do the doting Nany bit and take a photo.

Yesterday I had to do some babysitting for my daughter number 1, so she could take Grandson number 1 to the fireworks, so after finishing some schoolwork(ready for Monday) I started my Wild Woman, it was lovely to sit in front of the television(a very rare thing to do) and sew beads randomly onto vilene. I shall be doing some more on this in my tea breaks at work.
Today we went to Sutton Hoo to do some more research in readiness to start making something???? for F.E.S.T. We met up with Nickie and her man.My head is buzzing with ideas but, will they work? When will I get time to be able to start playing? Which idea first?
My daughter caught Nickie on camera eating AGAIN!!!!!

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