Thursday, 27 November 2008

Reports finished!!!!!

At last I can go back to playing with paints, fabric and thread, though I must admit I have been slipping into my room for about half an hour each evening just to have some ' me' time.
I managed to make another medalion for the dangly thing for FEST, I am pleased with this one, at last!

This WAS the book covers I was making, (ala Maggie Grey) but after stitching Sutton Hoo in bands across the front in copper, I realised it didn't show up enough. I attacked it with copper spray paint and then, using the mask as my idea source I sliced the covers up and stitched onto net using F.M.S. Cut out voids with my soldering iron. I have now coloured some craft vilene with black paint. Even though a lot of salt fell off with the F.M.S. it still has the look of something rusting away, especially as the ink underneath stops the copper from being a flat colour. I shall be adding more stitching and maybe some beads. I am going to work on this idea to make a vessel over my Christmas holidays.

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