Sunday, 9 November 2008

Wild Woman and Travel Log

I have been busy the last couple of night's partying! Friday night was an early Christmas Do for work, had a great time, but not in until one a.m., and last night my friend held a Pink Night Disco for breast cancer, she raised nearly £700. Today, I have been feeling quite sluggish (not helped by having to get up at 3.15 Friday morning, as my daughter had to be at school for 4.30 a.m. for a school trip to Belgium) I had intended to get on with trying to do some design work for my Sutton Hoo project once I had completed my work for school, instead I finished tweaking the Travel Log for the Schoolhouse Arts workshop and put the last few beads on my Wild Woman. I think that I shall be making some more of these, as they are easy to stitch in my tea breaks. This one is going to be a raffle prize in a Christmas shopping night on Thursday in our village. My daughter and her friend set this group up 3 years ago and do it voluntarily, they both work very hard to make the group a success .This also means that I not be stitching on Thursday, as I shall be making Mulled Wine instead for the shoppers.

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