Saturday, 15 November 2008

Dyeing workshop

Today has been spent at North Fambridge being 'Gofer' for Margaret and Debbie who were running the workshop. Our ladies learnt how to do plastic bag dyeing on calico, linen etc.
Debbie demonstrating how to use the dye powders safely!

While that was maturing they then went onto transfer dyeing so that in the afternoon they could start to make a book. Craft vilene was used for the cover and the pages were coloured with Brusho.

Folded and tie dyeing either with buttons or thread with a different range of colours was the next lesson after lunch, then onto stitching the book cover.
Nickie who was also a 'Gofer', made rock cakes for our afternoon cup of tea.
There were a lot of oohs as the dyed fabrics were washed out and they were able to see their unique fabrics. The spent dyes were decanted into jam jars so that it can be used by them at a later date for colouring papers or sketchbooks.

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