Thursday, 30 October 2008


There was still signs of snow as we made our way to Chelmsford Station to catch the 9.27 train to Liverpool Street. What an impressive building! My daughter had been given some money to spend which was burning a hole in her pocket so we stopped at the children's shop first. I found 2 books which I hope will prove useful for my project- Sutton Hoo. The on to room 40 to look at the exhibits, take photo's and TRY to draw. This is a bit of a problem for me, I wear glasses for close work but not for driving, watching television etc. The thing is when it comes to drawing objects from a distance of a couple of feet, I struggle with the fine detail. On my last visit to the opticians I was told it was not time for new glasses- I fear it will be a different story on my next visit to him. We were told it is best to draw items from first hand experience, but I will have to use my photo's instead. (Hope they are good enough!) I hope to start working on this project next week, after my visit to Sutton Hoo at the weekend,( quite fancy doing something based on the silver bowls I saw BUT there again I could change my mind).
A quick bite to eat and then we went to the Science museum. As it was half term it was very busy. Kezzy spent ages in the energy exhibition ( making children aware of our dwindling supplies of gas, petrol etc)- this had lots of hands on activities, though this is a very child friendly place to visit. Walking round this museum made me feel old, there were so many things exhibited that I had used as a
child or remembered my parents using!
We then walked along Hyde Park and up Oxford Street to see the Christmas decorations. Debenhams had the best display very child friendly, lots of action. When I worked in Wigmore Street when I was 16, Selfridges used to have the best windows. Their windows were still being dressed. A good excuse to go up to London again. We were going to go to Leicester Square, as my brother was filming at the Bond premiere but Kezzy was complaining about being tired and footsore, so we came home instead, which gave me a little time to play with glue and paper before bed!
Today I have sewn press-studs on Dracula's cloak to stop it falling off tomorrow night when he goes trick and treating (my grandson) and this. I have been working on it in my 'spare' time the last couple of days. It is for Schoolhouse Arts in January. A book with lots of pockets for photo's, memento's and journalling. Not quite finished, a couple more pages to embellish, but I needed to get something to Margaret pronto so she can get on with making some flyer's.

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