Saturday, 22 November 2008


Just had to pop to Craft Arena again today, as I wanted some pewter thread ( I bought the silver last week) , I love the Hemingworth metalic threads as they stitch well and do not break when stitching. I was hoping the pewter would show up better on my fabric motifs.

Another 'Wild Women' being stitched in my teabreaks at work, I have not had as much time this week on it, (staff shortages) hopefully I shall finsh it next week.

I have had some time for stitching today as I find it easier to sew in natural light, the reports can wait! I have taken the design from the silver bowls found at Sutton Hoo. The colours look like gold when it is in fact silver!
The flower on this one sample, is stitched in lame and cut out with a soldering iron. the textured circle is made from metal which I have embossed the pattern and stitched in place. Stitched with silver Maderia, the air was a bit blue as the thread kept breaking.

On this sample, I embossed the flower motif and stitched in place, drew the circle border onto stitch 'n' tear, put a silver sheer under and stitched before removing excess fabric with the soldering iron again. I feel happier with this one.

This sample was made by drawing the flower motif onto the solusheet I had bought this morning, f.m.s. The border was a stitch pattern on my Bernina machine and I used the drawing pin and masking tape method to keep it circular. Beads stitched at the base of each scallop. Stitched in pewter Hemingworth thread. I like this one too!

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