Friday, 14 November 2008

Schoolhouse Arts workshop

Tomorrow we are holding a dyeing workshop at Schoolhouse Arts, Fambridge. Deb popped round in the week to collect all the large bottles I had managed to save for her to make up the salt and soda solutions to save time in the morning.
Last night I didn't get any stitching done as I was in charge of making the mulled wine for the Little Stars baby and toddler group that my daughter and her friend run. I made 5 large pans!!!!!
There is a really lovely atmosphere at this event and they raised a nice sum of money to buy more equipment for the group. I donated 'Daisy' a sock monkey and she sold very quickly, so I will have to make some more in the school holiday for their next fund raiser. (I would have given 'Freckles' if I had realised how popular they were)
Next week I have to start writing my school reports ughhh!!!! more time not being creative!

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