Sunday, 30 November 2008

I have visited Craft Arena again this weekend, because I was using a copper metallic thread on my book cover which kept breaking, so,I just had to get the Hemingworth copper thread!
As you can see by the photo, the salt falls off as you F.M.S.(free machine stitching) and it gets a lovely distressed metal look.
The cover is completed now, for the time being. When I have put all my samples and bits in it, I will bind it properly on my Zutter Bind-It machine. I printed an image of the
mask onto shrink plastic to make the
button and it is tied with machine
wrapped cords.

I have also been busy getting ready for the topic in class next
week- Gingerbread man. I have made gingerbread scented
play dough, gingerbread biscuit dough so the children can make
and decorate gingerbread men tomorrow, a gingerbread house
that the children will decorate with sweets on Wednesday and
a counting game that I can also use at number time with a rhyme.
I haven't done much stitching at work on my 'Wild Woman,'
as yet again we have had staff shortages and one of our three year old's who is now going to be staying at school full-time is a diabetic, so every lunch hour the diabetic nurse has been in to give us training, so that we can administer her insulin.
Also, it is that time of year when I have to start my Christmas shopping ( I would rather have been at home stitching!) and I spent hours trudging round Basildon TRYING to find the right present for friends and family. I am NOT going out next Sunday, I going to stay at home and stitch!!!!!!

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Amanda said...

YOur book cover is looking lovely - but what does FMS mean??