Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Withdrawl symptoms!!!!!

I have withdrawl symptoms. I have not had time to play with fabric, thread or paint since Sunday night. Last night I had Embroiderers Guild committee meeting. I like to do the minutes as soon as I get in ,just in case I forget what all my notes mean. They were emailed out just this side of midnight! Tonight I have battled for four hours with legal forms for a Small Claims Court Case- I have had dealings with a dodgy dealer. My head hurts with all the jargon. I hope to have some me time tomorrow!


Wabbit said...

Oh poor you! I haven't had a shred of time to work on my D4Daisy classes either, but at least I have something else creative to work on!

Amanda said...

You can find Jacky on Studio 21's website http://www.studio21textileart.co.uk/jackyrussell.html Enjoy!!