Monday, 27 October 2008


On Friday, I had to go to Basildon Magistrates Courts to start proceedings against a dodgy dealer. As I had not made enough copies of my claim I had to pop to the library to photo-copy my form. This was very lucky for me as they were having a book sale on and I managed to find a small book that I can use for the Maggie Grey lessons.
I have spent the last three days with my mother in Buckingham, I managed to finish my sample postcard for the Textiles in Focus workshop that I am doing. (Image sent to Pauline Verrinder, for her to OK it) Yesterday I had to go to IKEA to get some fabric to line some curtains I was going to make for my brother. I found a lovely 100% cotton, so had to but some extra for me to dye and stitch some time in the future.

On our way back to sunny Essex this afternoon, we did a slight detour to Missenden, to stop at Rainbow Silks. The shop is next door to the Rhoald Dhall museum, so get hubby to take the children there while you get some 'me' time in Rainbow Silks.

I tried to get Liquid Sculpy for the Catalogue Killer lessons that start on November 1st, but they didn't have any so have got a similar product, I hope it works. I also bought some Artgirlz bits to make a 'Wild Women' in my tea breaks at school next week. They also had some face moulds, so I bought 2 different types to see if they would be any good for doing my own 'wild thing'.

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